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Providing Consulting Services and Solutions across multiple industries and markets. Our goal at D.O. Better Consulting is to assist you in accurately identifying the primary cause(s) of your issue(s) and the most viable path to your goals. We will help you target a method to maximize capital and operational expense revenue performance. As a consultant with experience and expertise in a range of industries, we understand that every client is unique even if the problem or challenges are at times typical. Our approach is simple. We listen to your concerns and ideas to understand your goals and provide strategic recommendations for results and resolve. Take advantage of our pre and post acquisition diligence experience. We will collaborate consistent with your ROI and Exit Strategy to maximize the investment. To discuss your needs and see how we can help, contact us today on the message form below.

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Our business is to provide your business with solutions by identifying the right approach to your issues spanning sectors such as: property diligence (pre and post acquisition), code compliance, creative solutions, cost analysis for capex budget projections, operational solutions to MEP system infrastructures, retrofit and replacement needs, merchant and vendor vetting and code compliance geared to enhance time management for REIT owners, executives, operators, property management teams, contractors, construction and engineering / design groups. Our comprehensive range of experience provides you with a turnkey or selective action resource to deliver effective solutions.

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As president of D.O. Better Consulting my career primary business principle has always been "BE THE CLIENT." In order to serve the client you have to know how to be the client. Try us. It works.


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